Social Media Plan

I’ve been working on a Social Media (Twitter) plan for someone else. Because there will be more than one admin to the account, they need rules and guidelines so everyone is on the same page and the account has consistency.

If you have more than one person acting as an admin to an account or if you have someone posting on Social Medias on your behalf, then you need have some sort of guidelines written out and read by all account users.

Below is an example of a Social Media Model (this is a sample for a religious organization):

Twitter Name: (organization)
Hashtag: (#organization)

Twitter Goals:
1. Increase “member” base, recruit new/existing members, draw physical traffic to (organization)
a. Purpose: to share the word of God in a positive and Christian way and to bring awareness to the community.
2. Keep the local community updated on happenings, events, Sunday School Classes lessons, Small Groups, etc.
a. Purpose: to increase number of new members
3. Understand how members use social media and monitor what members are saying about
a. Purpose: to stay connected with members
4. To interact with other churches and Christians in the area or nationwide.
5. To be an extension of the (organization) Facebook, (organization) Newsletter, (organization) website, and (organization) Community

Tweet Types:
1. Photographs
2. Positive Quotes
3. Event Notices
4. Member Reminders
5. Sermon teasers and highlights
6. Bible Verses
7. Respond to comments from followers
a. Inappropriate follows will be blocked which results in deletion of their inappropriate comments
8. Participate in Christian Chats (Ex: #hashtag1, #hashtag2)
9. Our own hashtag will be #(organization) to make conversations easier to follow and track.

The Don’ts:
1. We will not post about political parties or controversial topics (Ex: Abortion, Gun Laws, Death Penalty, Homosexuality, etc.)
2. (organization) Twitter account will not be used to follow famous people of any kind.
3. We will not post our budget numbers, but it is OK to inform everyone of budget meetings.
4. We will not post the prayer chain requests unless specifically asked to by the person asking for the prayer
5. We will not participate in inappropriate banter.
6. No swearing or cursing or damning anything, even Satan.

1. It is acceptable for (organization) to follow church members, those who follow (organization),  etc.
2. (Organization) Twitter account will not be used to follow famous people of any kind.

If one of the (organization) admins accidentally posts a personal comment to the (organization), they must delete it, immediately apologize and state the comment was their own and not the view of the (organization).

You may need to stipulate hour guidelines (are you a strict Monday-Friday, 9-5 business, organization?) Once everyone becomes familiar and comfortable with the guidelines and as Social Media continues to evolve, you may need to create amendments.  Possible Social Media (Twitter) plan amendments might go as follows:

Tweet Types:
8. Participate in Christian Chats
a. Acceptable chats: (Ex: #hashtag1, #hashtag2)
a. Unacceptable chats: (#hashtag5, #hashtag6)
The Don’ts:
2. (Organization) Twitter account will not be used to follow famous people, unless they are Christian and act Christian.
a. Acceptable: Pauley Perrette, Tim Tebow, Candace Cameron Bure, Kirk Cameron, Robert Griffin III, Amy Grant, Kristin Chenoweth, Jon Heder, Carrie Underwood, etc.
b. Unacceptable: Paris Hilton, Charlie Sheen, Tom Cruise, Real Housewives cast members, Lindsay Lohan, Lance Armstrong, Ricky Gervais, Jody Foster, Kathy Griffin, Michael Vick, etc.