Social Media Marketing and Email Newsletters

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and other social medias are growing more and more. Why not take advantage of their growth? Social Media Marketing (AKA: SMM) is a marketing strategy that changes every day. Social Media Marketing also includes Google +, LinkedIn, YouTube, Email newsletters, blogs, and much more. Because you can do these for free, the return is amazing! Not only is it an easy and sometimes FREE (you can do paid ads – not free) way to advertise your company, products, services events, etc. It also allows your current and potential clients to interact with you by allowing them to post praises, criticisms, questions, and suggestions. This interaction gives your company a more personable feel.

Is your business slow on a particular day? An idea to boost business for that day is to 1. announce you have appointments available for that day and 2. offer a special just for that day, just for that social media. All they have to do to get the discount is mention they saw the post! It can increase sales for the day and increase your presence on that social media.

Not sure which social media platform is right for your company? Overwhelmed with the number of options? PetreyDish.Com can help you figure out it out! I ask a series of questions to learn more about YOU, your industry, your daily routine and how much time you have to devote to social media. Also knowing what tools you have (an old flip phone and a desktop? A smartphone, tablet, and laptop?) helps me understand better which one(s) you should pursue. Not all platforms are for you or your company and it is also best to understand one before moving to the next. If you try to learn and manage too many at once you can get overwhelmed, frustrated and give up. I don’t want that for you.

At PetreyDish.Com, not only do I provide individual training, but I also help come up with ideas for posts and how to increase your followers. I also provide 2-hour group training classes for those who like to learn with and from others. Other people can have a way of coming up with great questions that you wouldn’t have thought of.

Are you too busy to keep up with it all? I can even assist you with posting, comment and monitoring your social media. Whether you need a few suggestions for posts and comments or want someone to manage your Facebook Business Page or Instagram, PetreyDish.Com is here to help.