Website Design, Social Media, Photography Company Richmond, VA

Need a website? Not sure where to start? Would you rather visit the dentist or get a tetanus shot than have some tech nerd talk over your head about creating a website? PetreyDish.Com is a Web design company in Richmond, VA that will talk to you (not at you) about what you are looking for in a website. I create attractive and functional websites that can help your business grow. I design easy to navigate websites that will help your customers and potential clients find you online. There is nothing worse or more frustrating than visiting a website where you have to click on 14 different places to get to what you want and not able to remember how you got there.

A list of website samples below. Please review them and then, contact me so we can discuss the options available to you. Whether it’s your small business website, product photography, or understanding social media, PetreyDish.Com can help!


PetreyDish.Com believes in personalized service such as one-to-one consultations scheduled at your convenience. I am available to answer your questions and concerns about web design, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, email campaigns and more. I want everyone I talk to to have a good level of understanding and feel satisfied with your experience.

I enjoy sitting down privately with potential and existing clients in a relaxing setting to go over what you are looking for any questions you may have. I do my best to make sure you understand everything so you walk away feeling confident and educated.

I constantly review my work, research, go to seminars, read and talk to others in the industry. If you have a question I can’t answer, I will find the answer for you.


I create websites designed to meet your clients’ and your needs. We start with a free consultation by getting together to discuss what you have or don’t have and what services you are interested in. Together, we will go over what you like, don’t like and what will fit within your budget. Please, give me a call or text for a free consultation at 804-402-0084.


Because Facebook Page Training classes have been so popular, I am offering other training courses in Social Media, like Instagram and Snapchat. Be sure to check back, like my Facebook Page, or follow me on Twitter to stay up to date the with different training courses.

To learn more about classes, click here.