“Excellent class to help you overcome issues you may have getting the most out of Facebook.”

– Chuck Martin, Partners of Virginia

“When I started my business I used GoDaddy to create my own website, but never could get it to rank on Google. Katey took it over and not only did I start ranking at the top of the list, it looked a lot better and more professional! She even made my website mobile-friendly. This not only brought more customers to my business, it freed up valuable time I could use on other aspects of my business. I have to say she was a large part of my success and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to grow their presence online.”

– Josh Lush, Lewis Pest Control

“Katey is very easy to work with. She was given a basic outline for our website and was able to repair all the messed up links from our previous website admin. Great teacher for online presence and social media marketing. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us.”

– Dereck Jenkins, Chesterfield Lawn Service

Katey developed the website for www.richmonddistrictumc.org, it’s attractive, clean and efficient. Thanks, PetreyDish.com!”

– Susan Petrey, Richmond District, United Methodist Church

“Thanks so much for your help with my website! I really liked all your suggestions and the changes that you made.”

– Kelly Snyder, Equine Freedom Solutions

Thanks – We have already used what you taught me for the band, my cakes and another business, Peace2Dye. Thanks again!”

– Kay Williams, Kay’s Cakes

“Katey taught me how to set up my 3 Facebook accounts and how to manage them. She is constantly updating me on new social media platforms to help grow my bbq catering business. If this old dog can learn technology, you can too.”

-Rob Wilhoite, Capt. Rob’s Barbecue Catering

“I really benefited from your recent Facebook training class. I was impressed with your knowledge of business, computers, marketing, and your ability to simplify the instructions so that they were easily understandable. I have already seen improvement on my business page. I appreciate your follow-ups with your “students” (namely me) to make sure that we are using our new skills. The additional help you provide is always welcome. I hope you will provide additional training as things grow and develop in the cyber world. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and skill.”

– Nita Van Damme, Independent Consultant, The Pampered Chef

“As a business owner, I know that social media is playing an increasingly important roll in connecting with our customer base. I recently took Katey’s Facebook Page Training class. I’m not a total novice but I wanted help to utilize my business page. Wow, did I learn a lot! A business page is so different from a personal page and I now have a much better understanding of how to maximize the benefits. The class was hands-on as we all had our laptops with us and were actually doing the things that we were learning. Katey was very clear in her instruction and patient with all of our questions. This class is definitely a must-have for anyone wishing to get more out of their time invested in Facebook.”

– Sue Dunfee.

“My Boss recently sent me to a Facebook training class Taught by Katey Petrey McCarney of PetreyDish.Com. She was great. She limited the class size so that she could give us each some individual attention and answer all our questions completely. Her presentation was organized, well put together and easy to follow. My fellow classmates and I learned from her and she let us learn from each other as well. I walked away clearly more knowledgeable than when I came in and have already started using a lot of the things I learned from her class. I really hope she does more classes on other social media. I will be there. It is well worth the time and money. I am very glad I went.”

– Sharon Koehler, Artistic Stone Design

“I just wanted to personally thank you again for hanging in there with us. We really couldn’t have done this without you!! I have really enjoyed working with you!! We look forward to working with you in the future.”

– Kimberly Royell

“Katey was a big help in coaching me to improve my WordPress skills. She is patient and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her services for anyone having to update and maintain a website.”

– Julie S. www.fanfreeclinic.org

“We sought out Katey to revamp our website this year. Katey was patient, professional, and worked closely with us through several edits of the website and its content. She also sought our feedback on industry-specific language to include on the website. Katey’s re-design of our website is not only attractive but also functional.”

Krista Tetrick – Advantage Environmental Consultants

“Katey was our first choice to develop a website that is far exceeding any of our expectations. She is truly gifted at what she does. Katey runs the type of company that you just can’t say enough great things about.”

– Zach Hulet, All Star Aquatics

“First of all, I am over fifty and hate new technology. I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the new age of advertising with the help of the computer and all its social pages. I would never have been able to do this without Katie’s help and guidance. She ROCKS anything to do with the web. She updated my website, she created a new website for my catering business and she has taught me how to deal with Facebook. She says that soon I will be ready for Twitter. I just tell her what I need and what will it cost. I don’t care how it works because Katey makes it work. She does all of this for me on short notice sometimes for a reasonable fee. So if you are like me and want to be surrounded by people who help grow your business, give Katey a call.”

– Rob Wilhoite, OrganiCare Inc. Lawn Services

“Katey makes the most awesome websites ever! Her attention to detail is priceless. Any questions you have, she will answer them. Any help you need, she will provide. I use Katey for all my technology needs — Facebook, Twitter, and whatever else is next. Thank you so much, Katey!”

– Linda Melvin

“I definitely would recommend Katey. She really works hard to complete the web designs for her customers. Her work is right the first time. I have used Katey many times and will continue to refer work to her as she is a great value for dollars spent.”

– Phil Patton, Get Your IT Start

“Katey has taken our company into the internet age. Not only redesigning and updating our website but setting us up with the different social media as well. This has completed a great marketing cycle where we are reaching more people than ever before. She’s extremely knowledgeable and willing to do whatever research is necessary to keep us on top of the search engines. I greatly recommend Katey Petrey of PetreyDish.Com.”

– Lisa Bailey, Express Auto Center, Inc.

“You could not ask for a more knowledgeable Web Designer then Katie. I have known her for the last 8 years and she has such experience in all the different Social Media. She is my go-to girl whenever I have a question with regards to our business Website or my Facebook – my limited Social Media. Katey is very knowledgeable in web designs and a great teacher of all aspects of Facebook. I learned so much through Katey’s teachings that I was able to expand my personal knowledge as well as my business .”

– Terri Hart